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The Dhammapada 26-397 The movie must be seen until the "end". Then it will turn into a good memory

My interpretation:

There are all kinds of fetter in this world, but his mind is free from it.
There are many things to worry in this world, but he is not afraid of it.
He is detached from everything in this world and he is beyond all of that.

I, Buddha, call him the greatest human kind.
(The Buddhist Classic -The Dhammapada 26-397)

When people have a desire to kill oneself, he/she is simply loosing him/herself to this world. It's like you watched the movie too much, and you drowned yourself in it, identified yourself to that person in that movie. 
Please know that this is a real fact. It is a serious brain science truth.
You are only loosing yourself to a phenomenon you are experiencing. Every image or phenomenon (movie) will eventually come to an end, just like a movie. The movie usually ends in around two hours, but a life goes on for about eighty years. 
Whether it's two hours or eighty years, it will eventually all pass away without any exception. 
If you had drowned yourself in the two hour movie and killed yourself, you will regret it for sure. The things that are occurring, existing around you.. those phenomenons may be a harsh and unpleasant thing. But know that it is only a phenomenon, a motion picture. In truth, it cannot give any effects on you. What is actually happening is that you are giving yourself an effect by how you react on those things.
When things are not going well, just observe it in a calm manner. Don't get emotional and jump out (kill yourself) of the movie theatre (this world). Right now it's that dramatic part of the whole script. The important thing is to be bland and indifferent. Just concentrate fully on the work that needs to be done. Always be in the ~ing. The worst thing you can do to yourself, is to stop that effort, and become attached to the dramatic part of the whole movie.
Reading this chapter of The Dhammapada, the greatest human kind or the greatest practitioner that Buddha calls has nothing to do with religion. In fact it is completely opposite to a religious act.  
In this world, where good and bad exist, where lust and desire exist.. only in this turbulence there is value to live in pureness. If there were no seductions of any sort, it's easy to live in pureness. And then there are no hardships to order to grow. 
If you have any problems in your life, that means there is a chance for you to grow. When you try to escape from your problem, then you will suffer. Try to have an attitude that you are going to really witness the phenomenon. It will eventually pass away, and it will only become a memory. 
Do not forget that we are just a traveller from another world passing through this world of reality in order to gain some experience. The bigger your problem, the bigger you harvest from this trip.

Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu

I am grateful to be led to live this life

生かして頂いて 有り難う御座います

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