Sunday, July 27, 2008

Christianity and Ancestral Worship

Becoming one with Christ (in a true sense)

The soul of a man who has awakened and became one with his/her own innate god, will no longer be in the cycle of reincarnation. This soul will be fractionized and reside in every human soul that are later born. The soul or the consciousness of Jesus Christ lives in each and everyone of us. The consciousness of Christ is “forgiveness” and “tolerance”. We all inherit this consciousness. The consciousness of Buddha is “mercy” and we were all born with this. Even the westerner who has nothing to do with Buddhism inherits this consciousness.

If you are Christian but cannot forgive yourself or others, why is that happening? Even you have Christianity as a state religion, in reality, the country is still in war or people suing and fighting against each other.

In order to awaken the true consciousness of Christ that sleeps insides you, there is something you need to do before going to war.

Think about this. You were born. From where? From your mother. And where did your mother come from? … From the beginning of humanity, the relay race passing over the baton has continued non-stop and this is how “you” exist here today.

If you do not have the “gratitude” and “respect” to your own ancestors, it means you are in denial of yourself. If you are in denial of yourself, you will never feel the true sense of happiness. Even if you dislike your parent(s) or your ancestors, you, as a spirit, are the one who actually chose the family line. You are only temporary borrowing the physical body from the family. You may understand this after you die, but then it will be too late. Whether you will have another chance to redo a life depends on how you live this life you have today.

By sending gratitude to your ancestors (you don't need to know exactly who they are), will bring most practical power to the World of Spirits. If any of your ancestral spirits is a “lost soul”, they will truly appreciate your gratitude. The ancestral spirits who are already stable in heaven will elevate to a higher dimension and become a great support to you and your family.

The less lost ancestral spirits you have, the more you will be able to resonate with the vibrational energy of Christ. For you to sense the true Christ consciousness, you will need to elevate the lost and suffering souls of your ancestral spirits. It can be done simply by sending gratitude “Ikashite-itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu, Thank you for letting us live” on a daily basis.

Today, people are worshiping God(s) all over the world and neglect to save our own ancestral spirits. This is not the way to reach the true righteous god.

While you carry the lost soul’s electromagnetic wave of your ancestors, the god you might be sensing is not a true god. There are many spirits from the World of Ghosts that are pretending to be gods.

This applies to all religion including Christian, Jewish, and Muslim. In order to pursue your religious path and see the truth of your god, it is important to worship your ancestors with gratitude.

"Ikashite-Itadaite Arigato-Gozaimasu." "Thank you for letting us live."

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