Friday, August 1, 2008

The Era of Innate God

I would say these past 3000 years were the “Time ruled by External Gods.” God is outside of us, and He is almighty and sacred. Humans are weak, sinful, dirty, and distant from god. Thus in order for humans to attain happiness, God’s help is necessary. This idea had planted a master-servant relationship between god and human. It is slavery.

Master =God / Servant =Human

It is an absolute upper-lower relationship. God and humans were separated. This was a fundamental tragedy. The wrongness of this upper-lower vertical relationship reflected on the spiritual factors and influenced the structure of the World of Reality. Rich and poor, winner and loser, the strong and the weak…. This is a “vertical flow.” The vertical flow will cause dispute and competition. Vertical flow is the cause of war. Vertical flow increases human shrieking agony and worldly desires. This formation of vertical society comes from the influence of the moon.

Moon = External God = Vertical society = War

In May 2007, I visited Ise Izawa-no-miya. There, I witnessed through my psychic vision, an image of a vertical line and a horizontal line forming a cross in the circle of sunlight. In the World of God, the Horizontal Line is now added to the Vertical Line and crossing each other. The point of contact has appeared and it is starting to harmonize. This point of contact in the Cross is the Great Harmony Point. The point is in the center of the sunlight. This indicates the end of vertical rulers, and it is an omen of the arrival of a new era ruled by the sun, which will be the vertical & horizontal, harmonious world. The end of the moon era means the extinction of external gods. The external gods who established religion and ruled by giving immense fear will disappear. When we realize that we are not separate from god, that god is within ourselves and will always be one with god, the ruling of the moon will shift to the ruling of the sun.

Sun = Innate God = Harmony of Vertical & Horizontal = Peace

The new era is coming.

“Ikashite-itadaite Arigatō-gozaimasu.” "Thank you for letting us live"

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