Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Nurture one's Innate God

When a woman gets pregnant, the fertilized egg carries two things, a spirit form and an innate god, I call Naizai-shin, that is a segregated part of a god who resides in the Divine World. In the past, some ancient Shinto sects had classified more parts in detail about this but I don’t feel this necessity. This unborn baby’s soul and its innate god unite, and then tries to resonate with the mother’s spirit body. This “friction” during the tuning process is so called “morning sickness.“ When the level of spirituality is closer between the mother and the baby, morning sickness will be lighter. However, when the soul of the baby is arriving from the Divine World, the soul may not be able to tune in with the mother’s spirit body, thus results in miscarriage. In such a case, this soul is still pure, thus skips the World of Ghosts and the World of Spirits and returns to the World of Gods in peace.

This is how a man is born. At the end of a life, the soul and the innate god will seperate from the physical body. If the person lived in a way to enrich the innate god, it will become bigger than it was at birth. So when the innate god is returning back to heaven, the soul will be on the back of the innate god riding with ease all the way back to heaven. But if the person had done bad things, cursed someone, or forgotten the sense of appreciation, the innate god would shrink. It has been hiding behind the Iwado (rock door) inside one’s heart. So it has no power to take the soul with it back to heaven, and the soul will be left remaining in this dimension. As long as the remaining soul stays in this World of Reality, it suffers because it stays frozen in the condition held at the time of his or her death. Because it is so hard to be in that place, a soul will start begging for mercy to humans that are alive. The descendents who carry such souls will have less vital energy because these souls are blocking the spiritual energy pipeline between oneself and the World of Gods. When a good hearted descendent prays for these lost souls and give mercy to them, these souls will then be at peace, and the other descendents will receive good influence as well.

By the way, one cannot deceive oneself (one’s innate god). It is always with you and looking at you. This is a little tricky.

"Ikashite-Itadaite Arigato-Gozaimasu." "Thank you for letting us live."

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