Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sublimation of the Innate God

Our own innate god dwells in each and one of us. It dwells in the chest or heart area. We say, “the heart is pounding with joy”, “pain in the heart” or “ask your heart”. These are all true. I don’t know who started to use these terms but the old sayings seem to imply divine truth. To be born in this World of Reality, we are all given our own soul and a spirit that is a segregated part of a spirit of the Divine. People like to know where this spirit (Ubusuna-kami) comes from and from which god it comes. It doesn't really matter, because we start by uniting with Ubusuna-kami as we are born, but as we grow, depending on how we shine our soul, Ubusuna-kami may be replaced by a higher god. As the shift occurs, the change in your personal god also occurs and that is the innate god.

For example, according to my reading, Kurozumi Munetada(1) who had sublimated to a kamibito(2), his birth god is called Amanokoyane-kami. He started by inheriting this god, and with his caring efforts to his own parents, deep devotion to the god, love to his own family, and hard work with discipline in his career, at the end his innate god had sublimated to Amaterasu-Ohomikami (the Sun Goddess/highest rank a human can reach). Amano Koyma-kami had been replaced by Amaterasu-Ohomikami. Of course, it could also happen the other way around. Depending on how one lives one’s life, often one’s innate god could become weaker than the birth time god. Yet, all the Birth Place God and Innate God derives from the Root God. It is all connected. Our Ubusuna-kami and Naizai-shin are the Kongen-shin with a different name. Everything is in oneness.

“Ikashite-itadaite Arigatō-gozaimasu.” "Thank you for letting us live."

1 Kurozumi Munetada : 1780-1850 A Shinto priest who founded a new Shinto sect Kurozumi-kyo after his experience of an event which in tradition calls the "Direct Receipt of the Heavenly Mission" (tenmei jikiju)

2 Kamibito : A man who has become united with a higher righteous god during one’s life.

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