Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Super Ancient Genesis of the Earth

The Super Ancient Genesis of the Earth, Decline of the Vibrational frequency, and the Wingover

In the first part of the Grand Purification Norito (chant) of Shinto, there is a verse that says “The stones, the trees, even the leaves of the grass, used to chit chat but now they have all stopped suddenly.”

From one perspective, this implies the fate of a story in the divine world that occurred just 3000 years ago, when god Amatsu-kami subjugated god Kunitsu-kami. This is reflected in the reality world where tribes were subjugated by conquerors and thrown into absolute despair where no one was able to speak up.

But the true meaning is in the Super Ancient Earth Genesis. Before the human beings were created on earth, the rocks and plants were growing as a partial spirit of the Root God. They all had their wills and they were sending out signals.

At this time, only the World of Gods existed, and the god spirits who took a figure of human beings were playing around. This is the original form of human beings. These gods that were having fun on this plane started to grow egos. They started from being 100% spirit body and as the ego grew the body started to materialize. Eventually they become half spirit body half physical body, and these transparent humans becomes the basic form of today’s humans. As the ego grew, they become 100% physical body subsuming the spirit body to be hidden inside.

In the primitive stage, the spirit body was vibrating in a very fine high frequency. As the ego grew, the frequency decreased which created a physical body.

Since the Heisei Era (1989~) the inversion is occurring and the frequency of the spiritual vibration is increasing. It is starting to escalate even more since January 30th, 2008. It has to do with the solar orbital path, Risshun (立春-the first day of spring), and Setsubun (節分- the last day of winter).

From now one, the sun spot activity will increase the frequency of the spiritual vibration more and more. As this continues to increase, humans will once again, be able to sense the signals from the rocks and plants.

At the same time we need to be cautious about the fact that our hidden thoughts, habits and actions will confront us. Starting from the first day of spring 2008, your hidden problems, derisive attitudes toward others, aggressiveness will turn back toward yourself.

In addition, the religions that originated in the recent 2000 years when the frequency was rough will be superseded. In the time when the spiritual vibration was operating in a lower frequency, the Root God gave religions to humans because it was necessary. From now on, it will be unnecessary.

I am trying to explain the hidden agenda “the importance of gratitude”. This was a Suggestion from the Root God to human beings, which I received at The Grand Shrine of Ise Gegū.

This Awareness of Gratitude will become more and more important from now on.

"Ikashite-Itadaite Arigato-gozaimasu" "Thank you for letting us live"

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